In this video I explain how to easily record the screen that you see on the Oculus Quest 2. But I also show above everything there is in the Share section.

In this quick video, I explain how to record easily a Gameplay with the Oculus Quest 2. In fact I’m explaining the whole share section, that is divided in:

  • Record to video. Record.
  • Take a photo. Take a photo.
  • Direct streaming to Facebook.
  • Cast to a phone or computer.

But basically I end up focusing on how to record the screen to make Gameplays. I take this opportunity to explain that yesterday I played the game Population One which I think is great! It is a Battle Royale survival game like Fornite or PUBG, but totally designed to be played with Virtual Reality! It’s amazing and it’s a lot of fun! I include a small clip of how we won a game with my friends Matteo and Paolo!

Finally, I will tell you about the Quill Theater App that will allow you to view anything you have recorded from the Oculus.

In future videos I will explain how to transfer those recorded files to the computer to edit them later!

In future videos I will reveal more secrets you can do with the Oculus Quest 2, a marvel of Virtual Reality kit. By the way if you are interested in acquiring them you can do it through this link:

You may wonder … Why now and not before? Because until now a Virtual Reality kit did not offer everything necessary to be decent. But the Quest 2 is a powerful device that works autonomously without the need for a computer. But if you want or need to interact with a computer, they can do it in a totally wireless and fluid way.

The experience is totally magical and transports you to other worlds! Questers Assemble !!

Have a good day Questers!

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And remember you live in the Matrix! XD

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