TUTORIAL to install Game Pass on Oculus Quest 2. NO XBOX REQUIRED

I’ll explain how to install the Xbox Game Pass application on Oculus Quest 2. This will give you the possibility to play more than 100 games through the Cloud Gaming service, you only need to pay for the Game Pass Ultimate subscription and an Internet connection. It is not necessary to have an Xbox console to benefit from this service!

To achieve this you must perform the following steps:

1. Get Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

2. Install the SIDEQUEST application on your PC.

3. Download Game Pass .APK at apkpure.com

4. Connect the Oculus to your PC and use SIDEQUEST to install the Game Pass .APK on the Oculus.

5. You can find the APP in: Applications – Unkwon Sources (Unknown Sources).

6. (OPTIONAL) I show you 2 ways to connect the Xbox Controller to the Oculus Quest 2.

If you have carried out these steps correctly, you will be able to Enjoy the Games available in the Game Pass for Cloud Gaming anywhere in the world with your Oculus Quest 2 and an Internet connection. Enjoy the Games available in the Game Pass for Cloud Gaming anywhere in the world with your Oculus Quest 2

Now in the Block Surprise Channel I will also start creating videos in Spanish about the Oculus Quest 2. This change is because I believe that Virtual Reality is going to be the future very soon and I am totally fascinated with the possibilities it offers. But don’t worry I’ll keep bringing Sonic Mania videos !! ; D

In future videos I will reveal more secrets you can do with the Oculus Quest 2, a marvel of Virtual Reality kit. By the way if you are interested in acquiring them you can do it through this link:


You may wonder … Why now and not before? Because until now a Virtual Reality kit did not offer everything necessary to be decent. But the Quest 2 is a powerful device that works autonomously without the need for a computer. But if you want or need to interact with a computer, they can do it in a totally wireless and fluid way. There is no need to take a computer, and it is possible to do it just with Oculus Quest2.

The experience is totally magical and transports you to other worlds! Questers Assemble !!

Enjoy & Subscribe!

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